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RECS: the master post - starfishstar [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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RECS: the master post [Dec. 25th, 2013|08:09 pm]


What can I say? For a while there, I was reading a lot of fanfiction... So I thought maybe others could benefit from all my bookmarking and notetaking!

Caveat: This list was mostly compiled in late 2013 and though I do add to it here and there, that was the last point when I was reading copiously and widely. If you find you share my interests and you're interested in more recs, though, leave a comment! It's possible I might have more ideas for you, and in any case I always love chatting about recs. :-)

These recs are mostly Harry Potter, arranged as follows:

genfic, sorted by era (some of the very best stuff is in here!)
the Remus Recs: Yes, I love Remus so much that he gets his own entire section. Includes Remus/Tonks, Remus/Sirius, Remus gen and Remus other pairings.
character-specific story recs (these include dedicated sections for: Neville, Luna, Hermione, Lily, Lily/James, Andromeda, Teddy, Tonks, Sirius, and then a few miscellaneous pairings)
just generally good fun (fun, humorous fics of all stripes)

Then come a few recs for other fandoms:

Merlin, Cabin Pressure, Torchwood, White Collar, and some assorted others (Firefly, His Dark Materials, Narnia, fairy tales, even Calvin and Hobbes) and what I'm calling "other other other" (a couple of extraordinarily awesome, quirky crossovers).

I've also amassed a ton of BBC Sherlock recs (and a few ACD canon Sherlock Holmes recs, too) but they're so many that I still haven't figured out how to organize them in a useful way, so they're not included here, at least for now. If you've got requests, though, ask! I might have suggestions. And I do have one specific sub-list of recs: genfic recs of Sherlock and Mycroft as brothers.

Now to the recs... It's pretty much impossible to pick favorites when there's so much talented writing out there, but recs in bolded text are ones I especially recommend. Enjoy!



(see also below for sections reccing stories for specific characters: Remus, Neville, Luna, etc.)

NOTE: my genfic reading has drawn heavily from the following communities and exchanges, which are all great sources for high-quality fic: http://hp-summergen.livejournal.com, http://springtime-gen.livejournal.com, http://hp-holidaygen.livejournal.com, http://omniocular.livejournal.com, http://hp-friendship.livejournal.com


• stories by kaydeefalls, including
The Years of the Rat (http://kaydeefalls.livejournal.com/356599.html) – an extremely well developed and believable take on Peter through the years, as a far stronger and more calculating character than you might expect. I know you don’t like Peter. I don’t either. But read this story anyway.

• stories by such-heights, including
Order Out of Chaos (http://such-heights.livejournal.com/49913.html) – Dumbledore has an Order to create, Moody has Aurors to train, Remus recruits, James and Sirius are bold, Lily delightful
• I Know Where the Summer Goes (http://such-heights.livejournal.com/67551.html) ­– “The Black family travels en masse for their summer holiday. This time, Sirius isn't going home again.”
• Beginnings of the Order (http://such-heights.livejournal.com/9292.html) – shows the Marauders' various motivations for joining the Order (for Remus it's personal loyalty) and Peter's doubts, with James and Sirius forcing him in
• In The Room (Where People Come And Go) (http://such-heights.livejournal.com/87819.html) – everyone visits Lily after Harry’s birth; everyone wants a little light and hope

Cocktail Time by therealsnape (http://hp-friendship.livejournal.com/5543.html) – few people know this, but in their younger years, Rita Skeeter and Gilderoy Lockhart were flatmates. This is a story about two of the least likeable characters in Harry Potter…and it's terrific.

Winter of Discontent by aliciadances (http://femgenficathon.livejournal.com/123685.html) – Narcissa worries about Regulus when he goes missing, while the others around her pooh-pooh her concern.

• Arthur and the Muggles by dolorous_ett (http://hp-summergen.livejournal.com/13746.html) – how Arthur Weasley became who he is!

• Evergreen by loneraven (http://rs-small-gifts.livejournal.com/108033.html) – The Order gathers for a Diwali/Christmas/etc. party, knowing how much they need that moment of lightness

• Masquerade: The Last Yuletide of Regulus Black by hikarievandar (http://hp-holidaygen.livejournal.com/59710.html) – Regulus, shortly before the end, at a ball at Malfoy manor and seeing the decay under all the glittering glamour of Pureblood life.

• four thousand two hundred and sixty by kel (http://obsessivetendencies.net/songs/sirius.html) – Sirius in Azkaban, forgetting and remembering, until he finally remembers strongly enough to escape

• Despair behind, and Death before (http://hp-summergen.livejournal.com/6054.html) – Merope Gaunt gets her fortune told by Cassandra Trelawney

• Stasis by Andromeda311 (http://unknowableroom.org/2792/1) – Regulus feels he can’t even fail as well as Sirius can

• Seeds of Hate by chthonya (http://springtime-gen.livejournal.com/108838.html) – a look at young Lucius in his first year at Hogwarts, navigating expectations and hierarchy


What It Takes by lyras (http://springtime-gen.livejournal.com/104243.html) – a lovely look at the year of Deathly Hallows through the six main kids' perspectives (Neville, Luna, Ginny, Harry, Ron and Hermione), showing the moments we didn't get to see.

A Reason to Fight by lyras (http://hp-holidaygen.livejournal.com/62512.html) – "Aberforth thinks he's finished with fighting -- until Neville Longbottom falls through the portrait door and into his life." Aberforth the bitter, brittle surivivor slowly being affected by Neville's determination and hope gave me chills and tears. So moving and so beautifully in character.

Twelve Days by neutrinofics (http://neutrinofics.livejournal.com/24902.html) – The gifts named in "The Twelve Days of Christmas" start literally showing up at Hogwarts during Christmas the year of DH, starting with Neville waking up to find a partridge in a pear tree in his dorm. Fun yet also with a serious undertone, given the time period.

My Own Secret Ceremonials by downjune (http://springtime-gen.livejournal.com/108390.html) – From Luna's perspective, just before the start of Deathly Hallows, as she convinces everyone to get together for one last party before they know everything's going to go to hell.

we must unite inside her walls or we'll crumble from within by dirgewithout music (https://archiveofourown.org/series/136245) – wonderful, moving stories set during and after the war about: Cho Chang, Hannah Abbott, Parvati Patil, Ginny Weasley, Pansy Parkinson, Andromeda Black Tonks, Susan Bones, and Luna Lovegood. All pack a punch and are beautiful explorations of each of these characters, their individual struggles and strengths.

Sixteen Ways to Tell the Weasley Twins Apart by kaydeefalls (http://kaydeefalls.livejournal.com/338234.html) – lovely little snippets about Fred and George

Mad Dogs and Scotsmen by delphi (http://hp-friendship.livejournal.com/5088.html) – Emmeline Vance grudgingly agrees to let Alastor Moody live with her while he gets over the PTSD from being locked in his own trunk for an entire school year.

• If You Can Not Take the First Step by downjune (http://springtime-gen.livejournal.com/90167.html) – Hermione discovers unexpected friendship with Luna, during a little moment of bonding over escaping Umbridge during 5th year.

• Ministry Business Official or Otherwise by magikcatfics (http://springtime-gen.livejournal.com/95254.html) – "In a time of uncertainty, Rufus Scrimgeour seemed like the obvious choice for Minister of Magic. Or was he?"

• Visitors by lyras (http://lyras.livejournal.com/15235.html) – Alice Longbottom’s thoughts on her visitors on the closed ward

• All Ye Faithful by such-heights (http://such-heights.livejournal.com/80226.html) – Neville looking out for Hogwarts during the Christmas of Deathly Hallows. I love a Neville who's brave yet vulnerable, and really tugs at your heart.

• The Gift by lazy_neutrino (http://springtime-gen.livejournal.com/105129.html) – young Neville, Luna and Hannah on an adventure

• Two Dragons by lazy_neutrino (http://springtime-gen.livejournal.com/94813.html) – fifth year, Cho and Marietta have to make a choice

• The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by neutrinofics (http://neutrinofics.livejournal.com/31052.html) – the summer after GoF, Parvati’s Boggart takes an unexpected form

• Captain My Own Soul by Sam Starbuck, aka Copperbadge (http://sam-storyteller.dreamwidth.org/97336.html) – after his flight at the end of HBP, Draco ends up meeting Regulus Black, who’s not dead. And who sings old Irish ballads.

• Of Elves and Masters by st_dl (http://springtime-gen.livejournal.com/95720.html) – Kreacher’s story in Deathly Hallows, told backwards between the Battle of Hogwarts and the day Harry, Ron and Hermione didn’t come back to Grimmauld Place after infiltrating the Ministry

• A New Alliance by jncar (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4075304/1/A_New_Alliance) – Neville and Aberforth both finding the secret passage between the Room of Requirement and the Hog’s Head from opposite sides, guided by Ariana


Variations on a Happily Ever After by gm_weasley – this is my ultimate, classic post-canon story of how it’s possible to reach a happy ending, but it takes time and work to get there. Was formerly posted at
http://asylums.insanejournal.com/ginfics/16078.html, but can now only be found through the Wayback Machine.

• stories by lyras, including
Les Jours Tristes (http://squishedstories.livejournal.com/33455.html) – in which Luna visits Narcissa Malfoy in prison after the war, and is just marvelously Luna about it all.
The Affair of the Wedding (http://takingitinturns.livejournal.com/54371.html) – takes place at the wedding of Scorpius and Lily Luna; a perfect portrait of where the characters are, 30 years on: the Malfoys' and Potters' cautious rapprochement, the dynamic between Harry and Ginny, everyone's reflections on the past, even the spot-on observations from Rita Skeeter. And a well-placed touch of wistfulness from Neville.
• Let Us Not Talk Falsely (http://springtime-gen.livejournal.com/93961.html) – "Arthur takes a reluctant trainee out into the field, and encounters an old friend who has not been treated well by the wizarding world."

Switzerland by ofankoma (http://springtime-gen.livejournal.com/107695.html) – an utterly brilliant story from, wait for it.... Blaise Zabini's perspective. I know the character doesn't sound appealing, but this is really good, examining the abortive attempts at friendship between two boys who should by all accounts be friends: Blaise is Pureblood and wealthy, yet not a Death Eater sympathizer; Justin Finch-Fletchley is a similarly upperclass Hufflepuff who Blaise would have so much in common with, if only Justin weren't Muggleborn. A really very interesting take on the years at Hogwarts and especially the reconciliation (or non-reconciliation) process afterward.

The Pure and Simple Truth by lettered (http://archiveofourown.org/works/392764) – "Harry, Draco, and Hermione go to a pub. Harry, Draco, and Pansy go to a pub. Harry, Draco, Pansy, and Hermione go to a pub. Harry, Draco, Hermione and Ron go to a pub. Harry, Draco, Hermione, Ron, and Pansy―you guessed it―go to a pub. I could go on. In fact, I did. Harry, Draco, Hermione, Pansy, Ron, Blaise, Luna, Goyle, Neville, and Theodore Nott go to a pub. In various combinations." An excellent, thoughtful, deep look into what it really takes to rebuild lives and friendships after the war. It's both gen and Harry/Draco in a wonderfully interwoven way.

Cauterize by lady-altair (http://lady-altair.livejournal.com/6617.html) – After the war, Dennis Creevey takes up his brother's camera and starts to photograph the scars, visible and invisible, that the war has left behind on the people he knows. Poignant, striking, strong images.

Those Frightful Malfoy Scenes by rosemaryandrue (http://rosemaryandrue.livejournal.com/53314.html) – A delightful take on the first meeting of the Malfoy cousins – Scorpius and Teddy.

Dangerous Jobs for Girls by neutrinofics (http://neutrinofics.livejournal.com/30478.html) – fantastic portrayal of both Luna and Andromeda. They end up running the Quibbler together. The whole thing sounds bizarre but is perfect.

and yes i said yes i will yes (or: four weddings and a funeral) – honey_wheeler – a beautiful during-Deathly-Hallows and post-war story that gets it all right, from bittersweet grief to fun romance to sweet friendship – http://archiveofourown.org/works/234550

The Peculiar Resilience of the Refugee by Squibstress – a surprisingly beautiful story about Petunia Dursley after the war – with nowhere left to go, she grudgingly finds work helping Rosmerta run the Three Broomsticks, and despite herself finds a tentative place in the wizarding world. This story is impressive especially because it has a real redemptive feel to it, and yet it's never not Petunia as we knew her. – http://www.thepetulantpoetess.com/viewstory.php?sid=22160

Disorganised Crime by pitry (http://hp-friendship.livejournal.com/5985.html) – a fun little hijinks story of Harry and Neville accidentally getting themselves arrested by Muggle police while out doing Auror work – but some of the conversations they have to kill time during their night in a jail cell are really beautiful and touching. How I love a well-written Neville.

Seven Weddings by stereolightning (http://archiveofourown.org/works/915476/chapters/1775523) – a beautiful series of interactions, “La Ronde” style, between various characters, spanning eras, all set at various weddings… the highlight for me is Luna’s nontraditional but utterly lovely marriage!

Strength in Numbers by miramiraficfic (http://springtime-gen.livejournal.com/89215.html) – I love a story that shines the spotlight on nearly unknown characters, makes them real and complex and neither all good nor all bad. This is about Marietta, Lavender and Millicent Bustrode...and it's great. Sweet and redemptive, without being overdone.

Death and King’s Cross by sciathan file (http://sciathan-file.livejournal.com/69180.html) – Death might look like King’s Cross for Harry Potter, but it’s a different place for everyone. Beautiful glimpses into various characters’ experience of the world after.

The Godfather by sundancekid (http://sundancekid.livejournal.com/533137.html) – everyone swoons over Harry with baby Teddy!

mischiefmanaged!verse stories by irnan (http://archiveofourown.org/series/13075) – series of interrelated stories set during different periods post-canon and written from all different perspectives; this is a great look at Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron rebuilding their lives together, plus a fully developed world for the next-gen kids!

• women of consequence by irnan (http://archiveofourown.org/series/18572) – four stories about four women in the Harry Potter world, including Hannah working her way through her grief, and Astoria as Minister for Magic!

• The Next Great Adventure by sundancekid (http://sundancekid.livejournal.com/536805.html) – Dean, Luna and Neville, growing closer the year after the war, back at Hogwarts. (A bit of Dean/Luna, but mostly gen. Includes delightful Luna Quidditch commentary!)

• Pursuit of the Jackalope (or, Fantastic Friends and Where to Find Them) by stereolightning (http://archiveofourown.org/works/974929/chapters/1954178) – Luna takes a teenaged Teddy along on her American expedition to track the mysterious jackalope. Along the way, they make new friends, and romance blossoms between Luna and the equally quirky American naturalist Rolf Scamander. Stereolightning's Luna and Rolf are utterly delightful!

• Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect by xylodemon (http://springtime-gen.livejournal.com/102257.html) – in the rebuilding of Hogwarts after the war, McGonagall realizes the castle itself is deliberately resisting her attempts to fix things, and won't play along until the students come to help.

• The Bow that Is Stable by bitchet (http://springtime-gen.livejournal.com/105601.html) – a series of vignettes showing Harry's generation and who they are as parents

• Contract of Employment (and associated correspondence) by penknife (http://archiveofourown.org/works/25948) – Harry has some questions about the many oddities in the Hogwarts standard teacher's contract. (A correspondence between Harry and Hermione.)

• The Delusionist by sciathan file (http://sciathan-file.livejournal.com/65105.html) – wizarding portraits, how they’re made and what they are

• (Just Like) Starting Over (http://springtime-gen.livejournal.com/98493.html) – Draco and Narcissa picking up the pieces after the war (with an interesting little twist involving Astoria Greengrass).

• Heartstring by such_heights (http://springtime-gen.livejournal.com/56146.html) – “In the summer after the war, they need wands again.” Ollivander, Luna and Dean.

• Empty Burrow by Sam Starbuck (http://sam-storyteller.dreamwidth.org/82220.html) – a sweet little story after Molly and Arthur see Ginny off on the Hogwarts Express for the first time. (Actually Molly/Arthur, but I thought I’d toss it in here with the genfic, since it’s also about family!)

• The Ones Who Were Taught Petrov’s Defense by two-if-by-sea (http://two-if-by-sea.livejournal.com/221736.html) – some reflections on how things don’t change after the war

• All the Little Pieces by aliciadances (http://hp-nextgen-fest.livejournal.com/77852.html) – Scorpius learning to forgive his father’s sins.

• Majesty by kellychambliss (http://kellychambliss.livejournal.com/54545.html) – Minerva McGonagall and Queen Elizabeth II meet!

• The Boy Who Lived by PigWithHair (http://checkmated.com/story.php?story=9509) – Harry reflects, in very old age, to Neville Longbottom's granddaughter. (Warning: set very far in the future, so there have been major character deaths by this point.)

(note: there’s some overlap between these and my genfic recs above)

(THE REMUS RECS – link goes to an entire separate page including Remus/Sirius, Remus/Tonks, Remus genfic and a few of Remus in other pairings)


• Simple by Crookshanks22 (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/3835638/1/Simple) – "He may have pulled Godric Gryffindor's sword from the Sorting Hat, but Neville's still got girl trouble." A sweet, in-character snapshot of Neville, unrequitedly in love.

• All Ye Faithful by such-heights (http://such-heights.livejournal.com/80226.html) – Neville looking out for Hogwarts during the Christmas of Deathly Hallows

• Harry’s Man Through and Through by snorkackcatcher (http://springtime-gen.livejournal.com/107266.html) – “Neville is not the Chosen One. He’s okay with that.”

• Disorganised Crime by pitry (http://hp-friendship.livejournal.com/5985.html) – a fun little hijinks story of Harry and Neville accidentally getting themselves arrested by Muggle police while out doing Auror work – but some of the conversations they have to kill time during their night in a jail cell are really beautiful and touching. How I love a well-written Neville.

• Twelve Days by neutrinofics (http://neutrinofics.livejournal.com/24902.html) – The gifts named in "The Twelve Days of Christmas" start literally showing up at Hogwarts during Christmas the year of DH, starting with Neville waking up to find a partridge in a pear tree in his dorm. Fun yet also with a serious undertone, given the time period.

• The Trials of Neville Longbottom by mosaic (http://hp-summergen.livejournal.com/5849.html) – third year, Neville gets a needed boost in confidence from Professor Lupin

• A Life in a Box by RedSioda (http://www.checkmated.com/story.php?story=9798) – Neville passes on to his daughter the Christmas keepsakes his gran gave him from his parents

• Paper Cuts by neutrinofics (http://neutrinofics.livejournal.com/19848.html) – Neville’s letters to his parents over the years

• The Tao of Neville by mickawber-fics (http://mickawber-fics.livejournal.com/59187.html) – reflections on Neville in the form of the Tao Te Ching!


• Les Jours Tristes by lyras (http://squishedstories.livejournal.com/33455.html) – in which Luna visits Narcissa Malfoy in prison after the war, and is just marvelously Luna about it all.

• Pursuit of the Jackalope (or, Fantastic Friends and Where to Find Them) by stereolightning (http://archiveofourown.org/works/974929/chapters/1954178) – Luna takes a teenaged Teddy along on her American expedition to track the mysterious jackalope. Along the way, they make new friends, and romance blossoms between Luna and the equally quirky American naturalist Rolf Scamander. Stereolightning's Luna and Rolf are utterly delightful! You can also see a bit more of Luna and Rolf, and their friendship with Teddy, in Perspective (http://archiveofourown.org/works/1148596).

• Dangerous Jobs for Girls by neutrinofics (http://neutrinofics.livejournal.com/30478.html) – a  fantastic portrayal of both Luna and Andromeda. They end up running the Quibbler together. The whole thing sounds bizarre but is perfect.

• Loony: in Defense of Luna Lovegood (part of the "we must unite within her walls or we'll crumble from within" series recced above) by dirgewithout music (https://archiveofourown.org/works/2802287) – Luna being her own indomitable self, through the Hogwarts years and after, including her very insightful observations of Ginny; missing her mother; and forging her own path despite her father's loving expectations.

• The Sceptic’s Guide to Spotting Impossible Beasts by pitry (http://hp-friendship.livejournal.com/4108.html) – Hermione agrees despite herself to accompany Luna on a hunt for a Crumple-Horned Snorkack

My Own Secret Ceremonials by downjune (http://springtime-gen.livejournal.com/108390.html) – From Luna's perspective, just before the start of DH, as she convinces everyone to get together for one last party before they know everything's going to go to hell.

• Prisoner by jennifergale (http://springtime-gen.livejournal.com/88390.html) –  held captive in the Malfoys' basement during Deathly Hallows, Luna realizes Draco is in a way just as much a prisoner as she is

• Rolling Downhill by mountainmoira (http://hp-friendship.livejournal.com/8984.html) – another story of Draco and Luna's interactions at Malfoy Manor, where Bellatrix is making him torture her, and Luna remains sympathetic to him despite it


At the Start of Whatever by swissmarg (http://swissmarg.livejournal.com/103608.html) – one of my all-time favorites. Hermione/Viktor, years later. Hermione's not looking for romance, but sparks fly anyway… An utterly beautiful story. (I don’t usually enjoy stories that break up canon couples, but I love this one, which should tell you how gently and compassionately the author handles the subject!)

• stories by stereolightning:
• Newly Minted (http://stereolightning.livejournal.com/12092.html) – Hermione and Ron starting the rest of their lives together, directly after the end of the battle at Hogwarts
• 19 Days Later (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9278848/1/19-Days-Later) – a little portrait of hope and new beginnings in the direct aftermath of the war

The Bucket List of One Hermione Granger by igrockspock (http://springtime-gen.livejournal.com/103135.html) – Hermione learns to live without a plan

• The Sceptic’s Guide to Spotting Impossible Beasts by pitry (http://hp-friendship.livejournal.com/4108.html) – Hermione agrees despite herself to accompany Luna on a hunt for a Crumple-Horned Snorkack

• The Janus Thickey Ward by sophierom (http://sshg-exchange.livejournal.com/191635.html) – a thoughtful piece about the slow process of finding a life again after the war, and about Hermione, who's failing under the pressure of everyone having always expected her to be perfect at everything. This is Hermione/Snape, and I’m not usually a fan of cross-generational pairings, but I find it works here. (The premise is slightly AU: Hermione and Neville found Snape in the Shrieking Shack and saved his life, after Voldemort set Nagini on him at the end of DH.)

• Three Galleons by Sam Starbuck (http://sam-storyteller.dreamwidth.org/45876.html) – a postwar AU of Hermione/Snape, with a side of Hermione/Snape/Remus threesome…no, really. It somehow works, because it's Sam, and apparently Sam can do anything.

• Beyond the Burning Bridge by leni_jess (http://springtime-gen.livejournal.com/102040.html) – Hermione faces the consequences of the memory charm she used on her parents during DH.


• Touch the Face of the Stars by lyras (http://lyras.livejournal.com/83483.html) – letters written by Lily over the years, including one to Harry in the end

• Queen. Knight. Castle. by stereolightning (http://archiveofourown.org/works/949354/chapters/1905098) – “During their fifth year and the summer after, Lily and Severus fall in and out of each other's good graces.” Lovely scenes from Lily and Severus’ troubled friendship.

• stories by Random-Musings (https://www.fanfiction.net/u/765781/Random-Musings), for her take on Lily and Severus’ complicated friendship, for example in "Glitter Disco Hot Mess" and "We Were Born to Lose"


• stories by stereolightning, including
• No Foolish Wand-Waving (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9643236/1/No-Foolish-Wand-Waving) – Lily and James’ love sets things on fire. Literally.
• I Know Who I Want to Take Me Home (http://archiveofourown.org/works/1084590) – “James and Lily have just gotten married. He's sad that he can't yell ‘hey Evans’ at her anymore.” stereolightning’s Lily and James are always a delight, snarky and smart and deeply in love, with a silly sense of humor all their own.

• stories by such such-heights, including
• Lily’s Falling (http://such-heights.livejournal.com/3035.html) – “Despite his best efforts, James Potter has become tolerable, and Lily has no idea what to do about it.”
• There Comes a Time (http://such-heights.livejournal.com/50007.html) – school’s ending, what’s next?


• The Hardest Part by such-heights (http://such-heights.livejournal.com/83540.html) – a glimpse of Andromeda and Ted, just before she finally decides to make the break with her family

• First Date by swissmarg (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/3794262/1/First_Date) – an interesting take on Andromeda, who goes on a date with Fabian Prewett, but along the way she meets some guy called Ted Tonks

• Dangerous Jobs for Girls by neutrinofics (http://neutrinofics.livejournal.com/30478.html) fantastic portrayal of both Luna and Andromeda. They end up running the Quibbler together. The whole thing sounds bizarre but is perfect.

(I've also written many Andromeda stories, if you're interested! See my master list.)


Teddy Lupin and the Forest Guard (http://humongousbighead.homestead.com/teddytoc.html) and Teddy Lupin and the Hunter’s Moon by Fernwithy (http://humongousbighead.homestead.com/moontoc.html) – wonderfully developed stories of Teddy and the whole next-gen world (NOTE: those links seem to be no longer active, but the stories are now available on AO3, for example Teddy Lupin and the Forest Guard is at http://archiveofourown.org/works/1038392/chapters/2071555)

September When It Comes by sundancekid (http://sundancekid.livejournal.com/573717.html) – seven years of Teddy Lupin being seen off at Platform 9 3/4, and a fantastic portrait of what it is to be an adolescent

• stereolightning's Teddy is delightful; check out The Bequest (http://archiveofourown.org/works/1560338/chapters/3308921) and others in her collection of Teddy stories (http://archiveofourown.org/series/68947).

• Seven Looks at Luck, Life & Love by thirty2flavors (http://allthings-teddy.livejournal.com/518.html) – Teddy moments over the years

• The Birthday Boy by Lady Bracknell (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/3700217/1/The_Birthday_Boy) – Teddy gets a letter from Remus and Tonks on his 17th birthday, and Harry understands

(this is Tonks genfic; see also my “Remus Recs” for copious good Remus/Tonks stories!)

The Shape of Me by Pandora Culpa (http://www.fictionalley.org/authors/pandora_culpa/TSOM.html) – a must-read for the serious Tonks fan! A fantastic study of young Tonks learning to control and channel her Metamorphmagus abilities. Technically unfinished, but it doesn't matter – it's much more about the Metamorphmagus study than about plot threads.

• Nymphadora Tonks and the Liquor of Jacmel by snorcackcatcher (http://snorkfics.livejournal.com/19589.html) – a smart Tonks-centric casefic that focuses on Tonks' professional abilities rather than her status as a love interest!

• Rendezvous in Waterloo by rosemaryandrue (http://rosemaryandrue.livejournal.com/28899.html) – newly a member of the Order, Tonks meets Snape in a café to receive cryptic communications

• The Hag of Ilkley Moor by madurai (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/5356083/1/The_Hag_of_Ilkley_Moor) – (AU, post-war) on the job as an Auror, Tonks has to clear up a problem with a hag, a tree and a Muggle shopping center

• Wasted by leigh_adams (http://venividiscribi.livejournal.com/52615.html) – a few of Tonks’ reflections, as a child during the first war and an adult during the second

• Gravitas by jadeddiva (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/2706860/1/Gravitas) – a short study of Tonks' experiences at the end of GoF

(see also my “Remus recs” for very, very copious amounts of Remus/Sirius)

• The Punctuation of Doors by stereolightning (http://archiveofourown.org/works/1082672) – “Sirius thinks his whole life might just be about showing up at James' doorstep, over and over.” The story of an epic friendship, a great platonic love.

• Clouds In My Coffee by Lady Bracknell (www.fanfiction.net/s/3502877/1/Clouds_In_My_Coffee) – Sirius at a party


Old Adventurers by rosemaryandrue – a great take on a latter-day Gellert, mischievous and unrepentant, remembering what fun it was both to seduce Albus and to teach him mischief – http://grindeldore.livejournal.com/834.html


A Part of Yesterday by DelphiPsmith – beautiful, wistful, a story of a stunningly believable, all-too-brief romance, as seen through Petunia's memories after the war as she's tentatively reconciling with Harry – http://archiveofourown.org/works/5709046/


The Rules of Being a Godson by Sam Starbuck (http://shacking-up.livejournal.com/15433.html) – a classic by Sam. "Teddy Lupin never gets too close or feels too much; his godfather's son never does anything else." Teddy/James Sirius.

• Light Unshone by liadan14 (http://liadan14.livejournal.com/31469.html) – “After the war, Charlie gets a transfer to a dragon reservation in the Scottish Highlands. Draco Malfoy turns out to be a surprisingly frequent visitor.” Charlie/Draco. I love a story that makes an unlikely pairing totally work! Also a story about everyone putting the pieces back together after the war.

• Normality is to Freedom by liadan14 (http://liadan14.livejournal.com/16000.html) – a “big gay Hogwarts” trope type story that makes it work by going delightfully over the top. (“Yeah,” Harry says. “Apparently my children are either hippies or in a teenage experimentation phase.”)

• stories by Kerichi (https://www.fanfiction.net/u/322080/Kerichi) – fun and well-developed Rose/Scorpius stories


Reclamation by Sam Starbuck (http://sam-storyteller.dreamwidth.org/97242.html) – “In an alternate universe, one man still struggles with a moral decision made many years before.” I don’t want to give anything away by saying…anything, really. But you should read this.

Stealing Harry by Sam Starbuck (http://sam-storyteller.dreamwidth.org/8614.html) and the sequel Laocoon's Children (http://sam-storyteller.dreamwidth.org/5569.html) – Sam's masterwork that parallels canon, but in an AU where Sirius never went to Azkaban, and he and Remus rescue Harry from the Dursleys and raise him as their son. A huge fic, but so worth it. (Sam eventually discontinued the series as he grew disenchanted with the later HP books, but he provides detailed notes on where he would have taken the series, so it still feels complete.)

boy with a scar (series) by dirgewithoutmusic (https://archiveofourown.org/series/285498) – a collection of different "what-if" scenarios, exploring how events might have unfolded in each of those cases, told in dirgewithoutmusic's thoughtful, emotive style. For example, what if Petunia had raised Harry truly as a son? What if Neville was the Chosen One? Or Ron, or Hermione? What if it was the Dursleys who died, and Lily and James raised Dudley together with Harry? What if Snape had apologized to Lily after calling her "Mudblood," truly apologized and realized he was wrong, and they stayed friends through everything that came after?

• Dear Mr Diggory by aggiebell90 (http://springtime-gen.livejournal.com/101563.html) – epistolary-style story of the events of OotP, in a AU where Cedric survived and became Head Boy

• conversations harry potter never had by irnan (http://archiveofourown.org/works/369061/chapters/600867) – tiny studies of different AU worlds


In which Snape befriends an old grey donkey by Plenty O’Custard (same author as gm_weasley, I think?) (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4903653/) – Harry Potter/Winnie-the-Pooh. Snape accidentally Apparates into Hundred Acre Wood and befriends Eeyore. Obviously.

Matches in the Snow by delphipsmith (http://hoggywartyxmas.livejournal.com/61938.html) – a beautiful fusion with and update of Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Little Match Girl” that moved me to tears and gave the little match girl a happy ending. Features McGonagall, Kingsley Shacklebolt, a very clever cat…and a very clever Hogwarts letter.

More Things Than Are Dreamt Of by 1electricpirate (http://archiveofourown.org/series/23063) – Harry Potter/BBC Sherlock. “In which John is (reluctantly) a wizard, Mycroft is (apparently) omniscient, and Sherlock is (surprisingly) oblivious.” Though John Watson’s left the magical world behind, the fact remains that he was in the same year at Hogwarts as Charlie Weasley!


The Contingency Plan by ofankoma (http://www.thepetulantpoetess.com/viewstory.php?sid=20889) – in just 500 words, the author manages to describe the chaos that ensues from one garbled Wizarding Wireless Network announcement, and at the same time to gently spoof all manner of fanon clichés, starting with the oddly resilient "Marriage Law" trope.

• Oral Tradition by neutrinofics (http://neutrinofics.livejournal.com/30122.html) – Crookshanks tells his many descendants the story of how Voldemort really met his end.

• Vault 419 by snorkackcatcher (http://snorkfics.livejournal.com/24711.html) – a fun story in which Harry and Ron, as Aurors, investigate a seemingly simple case of fraud, but all is not quite as it seems

• Harry Potter and the Eagle of Truthiness by Christine Morgan (http://www.eskimo.com/~vecna/truthiness.html) – honestly, I'm not sure if you even need to read the whole story, or if it's enough just to know the concept: Stephen Colbert is the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor....and an eagle Animagus!

• The Legacy Game by swissmarg (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4031148/1/The_Legacy_Game) – the Next Gen kids compete, game show style, to see who has the most weighty legacy to live up to.

• The Mysterious Death of Albus Dumbledore by neutrinofics (http://neutrinofics.livejournal.com/11996.html) – Snort! Hurrah! Dumbledore’s death, as solved by none other than the great Sherlock Holmes

• Care and Feeding of Your Severus Snape by shyfoxling (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6642355/1/Care-and-Feeding-of-Your-Severus-Snape) – “Congratulations on the acquisition of your new Severus Snape! To achieve the best results, may we suggest you adhere to the following guidelines...



• stories by rageprufrock, especially Drastically Redefining Protocol (http://www.glitterati.talkoncorners.net/drp/drp.html) – the great classic, a modern-day AU in which Arthur is the Prince of Wales and Merlin is a medical student. Also available in a wonderful podfic by lunchee (http://archiveofourown.org/works/402449). Story also has sequels (http://archiveofourown.org/series/211), of which the best is Part 6, Five Secrets That Ought to Be Kept (and One for the Road)

The Curious Incident of the Harpies in Broad Daylight, or, the Abbreviated Adventures of Gwaine and Lancelot, Not-Quite-Knights For Hire (While We Wait For Arthur To Become King) by kaydeefalls (http://kaydeefalls.livejournal.com/618140.html) – one of my all-time favorites! A delightful romp featuring Lancelot and Gwaine, hanging around, getting up to things, until they can become knights. Also a wonderful podfic by lunchee (http://archiveofourown.org/works/403776)

• All the stories by rosemaryandrue, especially
Thrift (http://camelotsolstice.livejournal.com/43745.html) – this, not the actual later seasons of the actual show, I take as my canon.
A New Low (http://rosemaryandrue.livejournal.com/72686.html) – another terrific modern-day AU. In which the prompt “diabetic!Merlin stuck in a lift with Arthur” grows into a wonderful romance.
Shake Your Windows and Rattle Your Walls (http://rosemaryandrue.livejournal.com/71729.html) and sequel Were You Up For Pendragon? – 1960s Oxford, in which Arthur is a Tory politician and Merlin is a Marxist.

Let Us Dare by kianspo (https://archiveofourown.org/works/276745) – in a Camelot where Uther died in Arthur’s infancy and Arthur has grown up always knowing about Merlin’s magic, there are still adventures to embark on, dangers to battle…and Arthur still has to figure out Merlin’s heart. Lovely, fun and very romantic!

• Giving Thanks by such-heights (http://such-heights.dreamwidth.org/68078.html) – Arthur finally tries to thank Merlin, and thus Merlin thinks Arthur is losing his mind

• and two fun modern-day university-student Merlin/Arthur AUs:
    • Possibly Maybe I'm Falling For You by lady_ragnell (http://lady-ragnell.livejournal.com/12554.html)
    • The Student Prince by FayJay (http://archiveofourown.org/works/91885/chapters/125138)


• Testing by Aria (http://archiveofourown.org/works/13056) – Testing, testing. Space is working. Serenity and her crew from River's perspective.


• The Ivory Horn by kaydeefalls (http://yuletidetreasure.org/archive/40/theivory.html) – an amazing story of Will from His Dark Materials meeting… but to say what the crossover is would give everything away :-)


• Queen of Narnia by kaydeefalls (http://kaydeefalls.livejournal.com/343998.html) – series of ficlets about Susan never getting back to Narnia


Verity by rosemaryandrue (http://yuletidetreasure.org/archive/76/verity.html) – The first time Princess Verity rides out into the forest, she meets a boy making a tower out of bricks. (A genderswap Rapunzel and a fantastic story!)

Queer as the Fork when the Knife Ran away with the Spoon by fresne (http://archiveofourown.org/works/37247) – “Beauty is a black, gay, magic using (but not abusing) man with a texture fetish and a knack for roses. Beast doesn't quite know what to think (but he kind of likes it).” A beautiful, creative urban fantasy retelling of Beauty and the Beast.


• The Sandwich Story by Meredith (http://archiveofourown.org/works/1625354) Calvin, Hobbes, and the bittersweetness of growing up.


• The Z Episode by Ariana DeVere (http://arianedevere.livejournal.com/57283.html) – a highly satisfying solution to the question of the Z episode (written before the actual Zurich episode)

• Measure for Measure by c3mf and Linguini (http://archiveofourown.org/works/635251) – some backstory on Douglas, alcoholism, and the power of Arthur’s friendship

• Cabin Pressure! The Musical! by fractionallyfoxtrot (http://archiveofourown.org/works/515281/chapters/909343) – yes, it's a Cabin Pressure musical!


• everything by Sam Starbuck, aka Copperbadge (http://sam-storyteller.dreamwidth.org/154868.html#whitecollar) but especially: Exquisite; Four Meals; A Long, Strange Story; Jeffrey Nullier’s “Man With Fedora”; Eternal Springtime


• No surprise here: Sam Starbuck (aka Copperbadge) writes the loveliest Torchwood stories. Especially:

If We Haven’t Got Nightingales, Glenn Miller Will Suffice (http://archiveofourown.org/works/637293) – in which Sam creates a beautiful backstory for what Torchwood’s Hub really is, and how the Hub is Jack’s one true love. When I bookmarked this for myself, what I wrote was “beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.”
First Day (http://archiveofourown.org/works/875239) – fills in the missing pieces around Ianto joining the team, the before and after of “Cyberwoman” and Jack helping Ianto slowly pick up the pieces of himself and his life – basically, the only thing I’ve come across that makes Jack and Ianto’s seemingly sudden shift into an established relationship make perfect sense.
Not What You’re Thinking (http://archiveofourown.org/works/846805) – Sam, who is brilliant, has a perfect explanation for what Jack and Ianto’s canonical reference to “naked hide and seek” actually means…and what it has to do with Ianto’s stopwatch.
•Carnival Show (http://sam-storyteller.dreamwidth.org/115057.html) – Sam’s rewrite of the episode “From out of the Rain” that, predictably, is better than the episode itself.
Torchwood Season Zero (http://archiveofourown.org/works/914699) – an imagining of an entire pre-canon series of episodes, laying the groundwork for the team as we meet them at the start of the real show.
Care and Feeding (http://archiveofourown.org/works/884306) (and the story that inspired it, Nice Coat by adina_atl – http://adina-atl.livejournal.com/130942.html) – such a lovely backstory for Jack’s coat (hint: it’s not just a coat); also, Sam weaves backstory OCs like nobody else, creating in just a few deft lines characters who feel so canonical and real, you think maybe you just somehow missed the mention of them on the show
•Sleeping My Way to the Top (sam-storyteller.dreamwidth.org/118661.html) – Ianto understands Jack and the burden of leadership maybe even better than Jack does (post-Exit Wounds)
•All The Things I've Lost and Found (http://archiveofourown.org/works/811922/chapters/1533457) – another lovely take on Jack and Ianto's relationship, involving accidental time travel and an epistolary love story
•Dresser (http://archiveofourown.org/works/729633/chapters/1355374) – Jack, Ianto and Jack's coat
•No Word for Yes (http://archiveofourown.org/works/744384) – in which Ianto notices and files away every time Jack uses a word from his own native language
•The Harkness Variations (http://archiveofourown.org/works/763704) – ten AU snippets of how Jack’s life might have been – some lovely, some heartbreaking, all clever

And all of Sam's longfic, especially:

The Theory of Two Centres (http://sam-storyteller.dreamwidth.org/124595.html) – "Ianto Jones woke up in a bed that wasn't his, in a flat that wasn't his, wearing clothing that definitely wasn't his." Any description I would try to give wouldn't do it justice, but it's Jack/Ianto, and casefic, and draws on canon in clever ways, and is just everything you could want from a Torchwood fic.
Sing Morning Out Of Night (http://archiveofourown.org/works/3206486) – Torchwood and Sarah Jane Smith kicking butt together, the Doctor being even more mysterious than usual, and a deck of alien tarot cards? Win.
•the Lo-Verse (http://archiveofourown.org/series/31518) – Ianto Jones ends up time-displaced in the 51st century, and meets a young soldier from Boeshane who is strikingly familiar...
•the Rulesverse (http://archiveofourown.org/series/38024) – Torchwood through the eyes of the new guy.

nancybrown – another writer of extraordinary Torchwood stories; I recommend, truly, everything. A wonderful writer, brilliant at both character exploration and plotting. I love her Ianto, and Jack, and their dynamic together. Also how she writes Jack with Alice and Steven. And two OCs who are also Jack's family... Basically, just read everything by nancybrown. Here are a few recs to start off with:

nancybrown excels at writing stories that fix the heartbreak of CoE, but without simply making everything easy and pat; each of these series takes an entirely different direction on how the fix-it itself happens, but each one is clever, complex, and wonderfully plotted. My favorites, roughly in order:
the "Straysverse" stories – and most especially "Rescues." Ianto and Steven are brought back to life, but still have to find their way home.
•the "Fake Third Season," meaning that the author borrows the characters and a few elements from CoE but creates a whole different story arc with them; the whole sequence is very much worth reading, but one that might work well as a stand-alone is The Extraterrestrial, a great retelling of "E.T." Oh, and the one that started it all: Promotion, the first of nancybrown's stories that was recced to me – after which I went on to read them all!
•the Intersections series – in which instead of dying, Ianto ends up in the future (thanks to some nefarious doings by the Time Agency) and meets a Jack who doesn't know him yet. Meanwhile, Alice Carter falls in with the Doctor's daughter Jenny and together they have adventures around the universe! These storylines intersect and re-intersect wonderfully.
The Rabbit Hole AU – given 10 minutes to say goodbye to those he loves, instead Jack ends up changing time. He, Ianto and Lisa find a life for themselves in the rewritten timeline he returns to. Madrigal dei Traditori especially is just brilliantly plotted.

•and now some other, standalone stories by nancybrown:
In the Future There Is No Coffee – stranded in the future, the team find themselves in an unexpected place. I don't want to give away what's so special about this story, but both the person they meet and the descriptions of the place they go are wonderful.
Tuesday's Dead – a really clever take on the Groundhog Day plot idea!
Got That Friday Feeling Again – speaking of seriously brilliant takes on Groundhog Day... Because who better to suffer through learning to become a nicer person through endless iterations of the same day than...Owen? (Also known as: "That One Trip to Glasgow Where Jack and Ianto Had Sex Five Thousand Times in One Day.")
These Are the Days (of miracle and wonder) – a sweet and thoughtful team fic.
You Picked Up the Phone on the Seventeeth Ring – a good example of a lighthearted, deliberately trope-y fic. (And/or an excuse for Jack/Ianto shenanigans!)
In Plain Sight – aaah, I want to say what makes this little fic brilliant, but that would give away everything. Just read!
•...and then just go ahead and read everything: http://nancybrown.livejournal.com/17768.html

That's What You Get by rexluscus and nancybrown (http://rexluscus.livejournal.com/424309.html) – everything you could ever want from a laugh-out-loud hilarious crackfic about the whole team accidentally ending up in a casino in the Vegas system, thanks to John Hart and a mistake with his vortex manipulator. Questionable alien hallucinogenic substances, dubious alien marital practices, highly satisfying use of tropes. Also, LOLcats.

Stargazing and Truth-Telling by earlybloomingparentheses (http://archiveofourown.org/works/1589426) – while Jack is away on a mission to an unknown galaxy, Ianto and Gwen engage in a bout of "radical honesty" and understanding about the complexities of a life lived around Jack Harkness. From a writer who gets these characters, perfectly. Every bit of headcanon here seems to me exactly right.

Pocket Watch Boy by Mhalachai (http://archiveofourown.org/works/158803/chapters/229024) – It's "Ianto is a Time Lord" fic. And it's so good.

• A Pair of Jacks by donutsweeper (donutsweeper.livejournal.com/31744.html) – a Jack/Jack drabble. (A time-traveler who flirts with anything that moves, and inevitably sometimes crosses his own temporal path? Of course he does!)

• Core Values by AJHall (http://archiveofourown.org/works/805391) – "Torchwood has, surprisingly enough, a HR department. And the lot of the Torchwood HR department is not a happy one." Oh, man. Oh, man. Can you imagine being the person who has to write directives explaining to Torchwood Three why their shenanigans are ridiculous?

• Acquaint Me With Your Fuck-Ups by paperclipbitch (http://paperclipbitch.livejournal.com/101438.html) – a bit of Suzie backstory, where she's the one who gets Ianto onto Jack's radar and into Torchwood.

•and one by bendingsignpost: Tryst (http://archiveofourown.org/works/335163) – a lovely but very bittersweet story in which a future Jack visits back to see Ianto one more time


Lost Loves by Sam Starbuck (http://sam-storyteller.dreamwidth.org/164229.html) – technically set in the White Collar universe, but that doesn’t really matter – you’re here for the other part of the story, which I can’t tell you about. As Sam says, "This is a crossover but to explain the other fandoms would seriously ruin everything."

Trying to Communicate by Sam Starbuck (http://sam-storyteller.dreamwidth.org/131686.html) – technically a Torchwood fic, but again, that doesn’t matter. What matters is the LOLcats! A brilliant, crack-y classic.

Pairing Pendragon/Merlin by Anon at the Merlin Kink Meme (http://merlinkinkmeme.livejournal.com/12537.html) – officially in the fandom of BBC Merlin and also a show called Camelot that I'd never even heard of, but you don't need to be familiar with them; this story is more a fanfic of fandom in general, a love-letter to fic-writing and being a fan and the writer/beta relationship. And it's so much fun! Also available as a podfic by lunchee (http://archiveofourown.org/works/402425).

• This American Life episode 141: A Whole New World. (Transcript) by NaomiK (http://archiveofourown.org/works/5491805) – wonderful multifandom fic (Harry Potter, Narnia, Captain America, briefly Good Night, Mr Tom...and National Public Radio RPF!) in which Ira Glass and the team at This American Life interview three characters in three different fandoms on what it was like to step suddenly into a different world – a very clever concept executed seamlessly; captures the characters' voices and the tone of a This American Life episode.

• As Far as Curses Go by natcat5 (https://archiveofourown.org/works/5021848) – basically the Avengers characters crossed over with the concept of the Golden Compass universe, and it makes for an excellent read even for someone (me) who is barely familiar with the Avengers characters. Very clever, and good fun!

. . . . .

[User Picture]From: sparklylulz
2016-01-08 11:34 pm (UTC)
I love this list! I've come back to it many times over the last year and I just wanted to say, if you hadn't figured out a way to access Variations by gm weasley yet, I did and I would be happy to show you how or give you a PDF of it :)

(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: starfishstar
2016-01-11 12:48 am (UTC)
Oh my goodness, I'm so pleased you enjoyed this recs list, and thanks so much for dropping in to say so! I put this list together mostly because I had fun doing it, but not really expecting that anyone would have cause to stumble across it or make use of it, so I can't tell you how pleased I am to hear you found it and enjoyed it.

And "Variations on a Happily Ever After" – yes, yes, please! I was so impressed by that story, it inspired me to write my own multi-chapter story about one of the pairings created in that story, and I would love to be able to read it again, after all this time. Feel free to PM me (since I'm guessing the fact that gm_weasley made their stories no longer visible online means they didn't want them to be publicly find-able anymore?) with further information.

Thank you!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: starfishstar
2016-01-15 02:04 am (UTC)
Hi! I wrote you a whole response by PM (a response to the PM you sent me)...but then couldn't send it because of something about privacy settings. Any chance there's a way to change your settings, so I'm able to send you a message? (Otherwise, I suppose I could just post it here!)

Short version: THANK YOU!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: sparklylulz
2016-01-18 05:42 pm (UTC)
Hey!! I hope I fixed this issue (honestly, LJ and I have a love/hate relationship), but feel free to try and message me again. I hope the link worked for you!!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: starfishstar
2016-01-18 10:55 pm (UTC)
Hi again! It still says I can't message you, so I'll just post the message here... silly though I feel for having written such a big long thing basically just to say "thank you". (And yes, the link worked!)

What I had tried to send to you:

Oh, yes yes, how wonderful! THANK YOU! I am so happy to have access to this fic again. So much love for it. Thank you!!!

And I'm seriously thrilled that you've enjoyed this recs list. *Only* if you want (truly, only if you want to!) I'd be so curious to hear 1) how you stumbled across it in the first place and 2) even more, what you like about the list, what stood out, what grabbed you and didn't... Like, do we share a love of well-written genfic? Or Remus stories? Or specific writers? In the past, I've occasionally made specific recs lists for friends ("funny/crack-y stories," "very top favorites," etc.) and it's always so much fun for me to see what they respond to, which of those stories grab their interest.

I'm just curious; it's totally optional of course. :-)

Also, depending what you're interested in, maybe I would have more recs – it depends, because some parts of fandom I've kept up with fairly well, and some not so much... And I admit I've done a poor job of updating my list since about 2013!

Anyway, THANK YOU for finding that gm_weasley fic. You're a star!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: sparklylulz
2016-01-20 12:16 am (UTC)
So firstly I want to apologize for how long this comment is going to be! But anyway, I found it by searching "harry potter fic rec lj" because I pretty much exclusively use LJ to find quality fic recs after being scorned so often by other sites and you are the third listed! The other two I had been through and they weren't really what I was looking for, but I loved how varied this rec was. I like all pairings for the most part in the HP universe, so this was a welcome find with several surprises!

Anyway, as to what fics I really liked, I'll be honest and say upfront that I am not at all interested in Maurader fics or Remus/Sirius for the most part. I love Harry, who is my favorite character, thus I really don't like pre-Harry fics. (I also won't read fics that are an AU in which he dies because MY HEART.) But I love well-written gen fic (esp next gen!), but I also love fic that is written within the confines of canon and takes a random or off the wall pairing (Ron/Pansy, Ron/Luna, HP/DM, HG/SS, HG/DM, etc) and just makes it work.

Some of my favorite fics recced here:
What it Takes
Captain My Own Soul (this was so clever!!! I loved it)
Death and King's Cross (be still my heart, all the tears, etc, etc)
Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect (dear LORD this was the rec I found this fic in the first time and I love it so much I added it to my own rec to share so thank you!!)
The Janus Thickey Ward (I have a soft spot for well done HG/SS and this is such a great fic for them both characterization wise)
More Things Than Are Dreamt (Do I love anything more than HP/Sherlock cross overs? Answer: No.)

But if you have more recs feel free to send 'em my way!! I have one series of oneshots to recommend because in my opinion it is the greatest series of one-shots ever written about the HP universe. It's one of the best written gen fics I have ever read! (It's epilogue compliant, but it's all about the women of Hogwarts, and Susan Bones, Andromeda Tonks, and Luna's are particularly good): https://archiveofourown.org/series/136245

I have accepted those fics as my personal head canon and I hope (if you haven't read them) you get a chance to!!

Edited at 2016-01-20 12:17 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: starfishstar
2016-01-24 10:30 pm (UTC)
Ah, what a wonderful and detailed response – thank you!

And wow, I had no idea this page was so easily searchable. That's both really cool...and also makes me think I ought to update it at least slightly. ;-)

I can't really think what else to recommend except:

1) for genfic those comms I mentioned up top are truly wonderful (springtimegen, holidaygen, etc.) and I think lyras in particular is fantastic. And maybe you read it already, but the two series by irnan that I mentioned here are great. (One following Harry and Ginny and their kids, one about various female characters in the series.)

2) for rarepairs you could check out the hprarepairs comm. Oh, and the daily_snitch does occasional spotlights on different specific characters, where people send in their recs, and that can be a fun way to find unusual characters and pairings. Also, of course, crack_broom is a great, searchable resource for different pairings!

At the moment, I can't think of many Harry-specific recs, unfortunately. I write him occasionally myself, but usually as a supporting player in others' stories...

BUT I'm happy to say I can think of a couple more Sherlock/Harry Potter crossovers! (I'm sure there are tons more, these are just the couple I can think of right now)

• The Next Great Adventure - wanttobeatree - Sherlock/Harry Potter – John is a former Auror, Sherlock is a Squib, solving a series of mysterious deaths – http://archiveofourown.org/works/1856083

• Like a Phoenix - chappysmom – Sherlock and John investigate the murder of Vernon Dursley, together with Harry, Hermione and Ron. (I found the plot somewhat confusing, but the characters’ interactions are really fun) – archiveofourown.org/works/963668

And thank you for that rec! I'm bookmarking it to check out. (Especially because I LOVE Luna, and I LOVE Andromeda!)

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