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The writings of April - starfishstar [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The writings of April [Apr. 25th, 2017|11:43 am]
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Being on break from work last week was good for writing!

I finished a complete first draft of the huge Snow-Queen-fairy-tale-Harry-Potter-characters fusion I've been working on since December (actually I reached the final word of the draft on the last day before I went on break, but the final section of it felt like a bloated, confused mess; so over break I did just enough editing and wrangling with it to make it feel like an actual, complete thing that can be set aside to settle for a bit, then returned to for proper editing/revision).

I also suddenly out of nowhere completed a 13k fic (also Harry Potter – nominally a little follow-up to my Be the Light in My Lantern series, but my hope is that it could also stand on its own if someone wanted to read it on its own) that I've had on the back burner for ages and kept adding bits to now and then, but was having trouble pushing through to the end. Now it has an end!

And in a sudden burst I wrote a small Sherlock fic I'd had the idea for ages ago, but wasn't sure I was ever going to manage to write. Now it's written!

So now instead of having four endlessly in-process fics sitting on my desktop, I suddenly have three complete drafts eager to be revised and posted. What!

I'd also set myself a word count goal for the month of April: 20,000 words. That's not huge but also not insignificant, while still being realistic to aim for in a month where I was moving, going away for a few days, applying for a big-deal job that took all my attention for a few days, etc. I came back on Sunday from a few days out of town and did my latest tallying up to find 17,000 of those words written, and a week still left to the month. Yay!


    . . . I also came back from my days away to find that the friend I was going to move in with in June, who invited me to split the rent with her on a beautiful house in my favorite part of town where I was finally going to have stability and calm and a place to breathe after two an a half years of bouncing between house-sitting and sublets and always scrambling to find the next short-term solution despite my small budget and uncertain long-term plans, and I was looking forward so so so much to finally having a home after all of that, I can't even tell you...that friend is breaking the lease and backing out on me. Which is not yay.

And so I return to this perpetual peripatetic instability I'm so tired of.

I'm so tired.


The upside, at least, is that I'm free to travel as much as I want this summer, since I won't be paying rent. Ísland, ég kem! (Deutschland, zu dir natürlich auch.)

(Adding this note a bit after the fact, because I forgot at first to add the automatic footer over at Dreamwidth..... Crossposted from on Dreamwidth, which is now my primary journal. Comments are fine in either place.)