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Teenagers [May. 2nd, 2017|09:04 am]
[Tags|, ]

Have you ever been in a room with 35 quietly studying students, 35 teenagers just barely managing to rein in their innate need to be squirrelly and giggly and rambunctious, and despite all odds turning that energy towards independently focusing on schoolwork instead... When out of nowhere one of them falls off a chair?

A whole morning's entertainment in that!

(Especially when he stands up, half sheepish, half proud, holding the now-detached chair back in his hand and announces in response to everyone's exclamations of concern, "...Yeah, I'm good.")
I was thinking yesterday that I need an icon for writing, since that's one of the things I talk about most. (I actually made one for books, when I set up here on Dreamwidth, though so far I've forgotten to use it; but I don't have one for writing.) Now I think I also need one for "teenagers are great and they amuse me." 

(Crossposted from this post on Dreamwidth, which is now my primary journal. Comments are fine in either place.)