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Disablity in Kidlit – recommendation! - starfishstar [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Disablity in Kidlit – recommendation! [May. 23rd, 2017|09:48 am]
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Ahhhh, new favorite bookish/writerish thing to recommend: the blog Disability in Kidlit.

I stumbled on it last night through one of those chains of things that lead to other things, and have been reading their book reviews ever since. So good! Want to know if that book about an autistic character actually reads authentically as being from the internal perspective of an autistic character, rather than a neurotypical author's not-quite-getting-it-right attempt? Yeah, check out the reviews by these folks!

They also write posts that I found fascinating as a writer, on everything from what they term "autism voice" (again, what neurotypical people think autistic people think like) to in-depth thoughts on the many possibilities and complexities of how to represent sign language in writing.

Plus, OMG, after reading their review I now need to read the new book Queens of Geek (two best friends at a fan con; one is a bi woman of color, one is autistic and has anxiety; it's feminist and a romance and a geek friendship story and sounds beyond charming) even more than I already thought I did!

(Speaking of books I must read, I handed Becky Albertalli's new book The Upside of Unrequited to one of my most wonderful students yesterday, but when she's done with it...)

(Crossposted from this post on Dreamwidth, which is now my primary journal. Comments are fine in either place.)