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...and Michael FREAKING PALIN? - starfishstar [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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...and Michael FREAKING PALIN? [Jun. 29th, 2017|11:03 pm]
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Holmstice wrapped! What fun that was, especially since I had an almost absurd amount of free time/attention to devote to it, through a lucky confluence of being on break now that the school year's ended + being extra chuffed to finally have time to sign up for Holmestice again + maybe also just really needing a good, happy Sherlock Holmes fandom thing after the trainwreck mess that BBC Sherlock S4 became. Anyway, I can't seem to do things by half measures, so I read ALL the fics and commented on ALL the fics, and put obsessive energy into making massive guessing posts about who wrote what, which is a fun (and daunting) thing I'd admired from afar about Holmestices past, and it was marvelous fun. Recommend!

I wrote a Greek myth fusion AU (which happened in my last Holmestice, too, also because of what my gift recipient requested!) This was also my first ever actual Sherlock/John story (instead of just hinting at the possibility), so I'm pleased about that. Taking out piles of books and reading up on Persephone and the underworld was fun as well. :-)  The gift I received was A Long Game by [personal profile] alafaye – a charming getting-together story about both Mycroft/Lestrade and Molly/Anthea in parallel. Most people in the fest offer m/m pairings, with of course also some genfic and the occasional m/f pairing or threesome thrown in, so as far as I can tell alafaye wrote Molly/Anthea (not at all part of what they'd offered in their original sign-up) only because my request asked so specifically for anything featuring the awesome female characters of Sherlock, and I just think that's the nicest thing. Besides...Anthea. Anthea!

Now I can focus back to wrapping up some other writing – my companion-but-also-stands-alone fic connected to "Raise Your Lantern High" is complete and the marvelous (and marvelously patient with my endless questions!) [personal profile] gilpin25 has beta-read it; then this evening I also finished revising my Snow Queen fusion adventure/romance story, where Tonks is the one who rescues Remus. So all of a sudden I've got these two big stories finished that I've been working on for over a year and over half a year respectively, both of which have not only female protagonists, but almost entirely female casts of characters, and showcase women being strong in a whole variety of ways... Feels like a good balance to the Sherlock/John I've just written, and the Remus/Sirius I'm about to write. (My RS Games fic is going to be (another!) very-fun-to-write fusion, but I probably shouldn't say more since I suppose that gives things away.) ;-)



John Finnemore's new series of Double Acts has been excellent. I thought the first series was quite good, but this second series has been amazing. Stephanie Cole as Queen Victoria? Una Stubbs? A three-in-a-row straight run of awesome roles for older women? (Seriously, I'm not kidding, why are all writers not John Finnemore? He continues to be at the forefront of writing interesting female characters and presenting gay relationships as simply a matter of course, in mainstream media.) And all this is wrapped up in clever, FUNNY writing, mind you!

Anyway, after all the excellence of the series so far, if I can believe what my eyes saw on his Twitter, I'm pretty sure John just announced that the sixth and final episode will be performed by John Finnemore himself, and...Michael Palin.

That Michael Palin.

Michael FREAKING PALIN, of Monty Python.

Excuse me while I fall over from hyperventilating. I'll just be on the floor until two weeks from now, when the episode airs.

(Crossposted from this post on Dreamwidth, which is now my primary journal. Comments are fine in either place.)